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The Shining Audio Book Free Download




 . . First Off, thanks for looking at our first Audiobook and for supporting us. I created this Audiobook as a kind of first-look at the Audible option. If you’re interested in Audiobooks, Audible is worth considering. It’s a powerful sales tool. Of course, my novella is merely for demonstration purposes. It would be impossible to create a full-length Audiobook of something like this. I’m looking forward to future Audiobook projects. If you’re in the market for an Audiobook, and you’re interested in our full-length Audios, just visit I had a lot of fun creating this Audiobook. I especially enjoyed designing the cover. There’s a lot of in-house sophistication to it. You’ll notice the “Stick Figure” logo on the cover. I didn’t want to have a vague, me-made logo. I wanted something that connected to the Audible audience. In my mind, I always picture stick figures. That’s how I envision Audible’s audience. I did my best to make this Audiobook as authentic as possible. I did record in my living room. For obvious reasons, I did not use a mic. That made things a bit less authentic, but it was worth it in the end. The only sound effects used were sound effects from Audible’s website. They don’t do a great job of this, but they were the only real option. I also created it in two versions: It was a great deal of fun and I hope you enjoy it. Please help us spread the word. We’ll be adding more Audiobooks in the coming months. If you have a Kindle and a device running Android, you can download it right now. We’re in the midst of a serious promotional push right now. I’m sure we’ll have more Audiobooks in the coming months. In the meantime, enjoy! The Shining Audio Logo Audiobook by Dave Curtis and Dan McGowan (For Kindle and Audiobook) is now available at Buy Now! Well, it’s been four years and it’s time for another update. The Audible account is one of the reasons I started the site. I




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The Shining Audio Book Free Download

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